• Rater Bias

Occurs when the person evaluating another individual allows their prejudices about certain groups of people or personalities to interfere with their evaluation not being able to fairly evaluate a candidate’s performance. 

  • Similar To Me Bias

This happens when someone gives higher than deserved ratings to candidates who appear similar to them. This happens because people have a natural tendency to prefer others who are similar to themselves. 

  • Halo Effect 

Making unsuitable generalizations from one person’s perspective for an individual’s job performance. It can occur due to getting influenced by one or more characteristics, positive or negative.

  • Leniency 

A tendency to evaluate people as exceptional performers and to give exaggerated ratings rather than a legit evaluation of performance.

  • Central Tendency 

The tendency to evaluate each person as below average or average regardless of performance differences.

  • Strictness 

A tendency to rate everyone at the low end of the scale and being over critical of performance.

  • Contrast Effect 

The tendency of a rater to assess a person comparative to other individuals rather than rating on-the-job performance.

  • First Impression Error 

The tendency to make initial favourable or unfavourable judgments about an individual, and ignore ensuring information that does not support this impression.

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