Personality assessments have been used by psychologists for years to measure the strength of personality traits. The use of personality assessments has later expanded into recruitment. 

One of the main methods for assessing personality is the Big Five Model. The idea is that candidates have their personality profile assessed based on five main personality dimensions. 

The results of the personality assessment allow an insight into whether a candidate has the qualities desirable for a specific role. Various studies confirm the correlation between job performance and personality, with some suggesting that almost 30% of differences in performance are related to personality traits.

The five traits assessed by the Big Five Model are Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Stability. 

Atomic Hire Personality Assessment

Atomic Hire's proprietary Personality Assessment consists of a set of 96 sentences that measure a candidate's personality profile in terms of the 5 main dimensions of personality plus an additional dimension of Honesty, which is critical for success in any job.

Candidates are required to state in a seven-point scale how much they agree or disagree with each sentence and are then profiled in terms of the 6 dimensions. The interpretation of the results depend on the understanding of the desirable personality traits for each job and taking into account your team profile and company culture.

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