Atomic Hire is a collaborative recruiting platform designed for teams to make better hiring decisions together. Atomic Hire empowers teams to collaborative effectively by sharing information and communicating throughout the recruitment pipeline.  

What can I do with Atomic Hire?

  • Job Posting: with Atomic Hire, you can create your company profile and job posts to be shared on your usual job boards.
  • Knock-out Questions: to easily screen candidates, Atomic Hire allows you to add knock-out questions as step in the job application process.
  • Team Collaboration: with Atomic Hire, you can invite colleagues to collaborate in the recruitment pipeline, sharing candidate notes and evaluation.
  • Candidate Evaluation: using notes and scores you are able to evaluate each candidate objectively.
  • Pipeline Management: quickly manage candidates across each step of your recruitment pipeline, from screening to job offer.

Who can benefit from Atomic Hire?

  • Startup and SMB CEOs
  • Hiring Managers
  • HR Professionals
  • Professional Recruiters
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